How To Know a Fake post ?

How to know a fake post page ?

Personnally,I’m a blogger and same as every bloggers I’ ve a blog writer for many years now,writing for a variety of publications and I’m still trying to improve with a new subject “Adsense Real”.I posted on my blog a point of view on blogging source and on the way using the internet .Every blogger can get writing better,just same as mine and no writer is perfect .

But in this time ,some blogger want to get more traffic,more visitors on site that get revenue from adsense ,a think just become same as a couple of trick but for the main reason that I quoting here : to reading this post we spend our time for get nothing on our way to read and write on the web.

What’s this trick ?

Let me share some of what I have learned and pay attention you about those website posted their tricks.

  • First : when we logged in a website or blog site ,anyone want to gain a new search on reading the content or something new like a tip for make money on blogging.

  • Second : those webmaster knowing about what’re the most subject and most content get more visiting , such as adsense tips …

  • Third : not new on posting ,not skills when writing this page and they added some trick link for some of subject that visitors want to reading especially.

And you can see the most searching than : “How to place an adsense ads inside posting page ? “Placing Ads Inside posts” .ie this screenshot below for a fact I get on a website .

  • This LINK : mark in red “Placing Ads Inside posts” is the one of the most tip that adsense users want to knowing when read this post. ( mark in red with underline is the default function insert hyperlink.).

  • In the second screenshot ,you must seen a Blue mini-box after this link ,that ‘s cooliris ( firefox browser) ,when I drive the point mouse on the link . This is a small experience anyone web user also knowing; when the point mouse goes on a link –it showing the url-address of this link o the status bar .The status bar is in the bottom of the page ( gray color ),that you must seen “”



  • Wrong code was here (mark in red) a http:// when aplly after one path/ must be redirect to the first http:// WE will see ‘File not found’

  • For your real skill in this case ,you ‘ll be add a link same as this true link ,and you must be keep this story ‘fake link’.

At last ,I wrote this post for everyone who’s blogger and new net user,I deleted the website name ( of course) because I’m a blogger and I write my post for a real thing no one related with mine.

PLEASE STOP those post same as this.